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Tuesday, 09. July 2019

Increased safety and security with Java 11 – Please note our remarks on installing service packs as of August 2019

AEB update as of July 8, 2019 - With service pack August 2019, AEB switches to Java 11 and changes the Java distribution from Oracle to OpenJDK. Find out here what the August 2019 standard service pack entails and what you may need to consider.

The conversion to Java 11 affects both AEB Engines and ASSIST4 applications.


As a customer in the AEB data center, you have no need for action. AEB will carry out the maintenance work for you as scheduled on the corresponding maintenance weekend at the end of August 2019.


Java 11 migration from ASSIST4

The ASSIST4 August service pack includes Java 11. There are no special preparations to be made by you. Follow the prompts of the installation wizard.


Schedule and deadlines

As from the release of the ASSIST4 standard service pack in August (August 22, 2019), you can import it.



Java 11 migration of AEB Engines 

Schedule and deadlines

As from August 22, 2019 up to February 21, 2020, AEB will make available a kernel update file that will include the update to Java 11 in addition to the standard service pack. Within this period, you should install the product service pack together with the kernel update file once.


What to keep in mind for the installation

Schedule a little more time for the installation (about 30 minutes extra) and provide at least 3GB free hard disk space.

The associated kernel update file must be installed for each product. You will find the standard service pack and the required kernel update file as usual in the download portal, or - depending on the respective configuration - the standard service pack and kernel update file are automatically made available for installation and imported as part of the installation routine.


Here’s how it goes

Please read our Guide: Performing a AEB Engine Kernel Update.


Would you like one-time support when installing the August service package incl. kernel update file?

We are happy to offer you our chargeable once-only update service. Please contact us via service(at)


For the following constellations, please plan additional preparation on your part:

32-bit engines: You run a 32-bit AEB Engine in your own data center e.g. on a 32-bit operating system?

AEB has ceased supporting 32-bit operating systems for AEB Engines since July 2015. The upgrade to a 64-bit operating system is mandatory to be able to perform the Java 11 update.


Schedule a server migration. Please also refer to our system requirements.


32-bit engines must be converted to 64 bit before the Java 11 update. To find out whether your installation is a 32-bit installation, open the interface in the browser and navigate to Office/Administration/System/System information. If the Java Version field contains 64 bit in the text, it is a 64-bit installation, otherwise it is a 32-bit installation.

If a server migration or the conversion to a 64-bit installation is necessary, please contact us at service(at) We will then coordinate the next steps with you.


Customers with SAP® components and RFC connections: You operate an AEB Engine that communicates with SAP® via RFC without Connectivity Services in your own data center? Then you have to update them beforehand or have them ready for installation. You can obtain current SAP® components individually from your company-owned SAP® account.


Schedule this update, including tests, accordingly. For further details about the updates from the SAP components in the AEB Engine, please refer to the guide: AEB Engine Kernel update: Updating SAP® components.



AEB recommends replacing the RFC connection with a web service connection. Please contact AEB services at service(at) for that. 



It is not necessary to import transports of the plug-ins for SAP® in connection with the kernel update or the update of the SAP® components. However, AEB recommends that you always ensure that the transport status is up to date.






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