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Friday, 27. July 2018

New AEB brand identity now also visible in your software

We would like to inform you already today: as from the August feature pack, AEB's new brand identity and new product portfolio as unveiled in March will now also become visible in the software.

This means: the brand names XPRESS, ASSIST4, and ATC will disappear in the software and product documentation and will be replaced by the new names already presented on the AEB website at


  • For example, Compliance & Risk Management will be renamed to Trade Compliance Management. In the three related products ASSIST4 Compliance Screening, ASSIST4 Export Controls, and ASSIST4 License Management, the brand name ASSIST4 will no longer be used. The respective ATC :: Plug-ins will be named Compliance Screening Plug-in for SAP®, Export Controls Plug-in for SAP®, and License Management Plug-in for SAP® in the future.
  • ASSIST4 Carrier Integration will be renamed to Carrier Connect. The respective ATC :: Plug-in will be named Carrier Connect Plug-in for SAP® in the future.


Since the world of logistics keeps turning and the software market keeps evolving, AEB is evolving, too. Therefore, some things are changing, but not all. And certainly not those representing our reliability.


For more information please click here.


You don't need to do anything. It will still take a while until we have finished changing the names in all software products and the associated product documentation. Therefore, for a transition period, you will find the new product names where we've already made the transition and the old ones where we've not quite made the switch yet.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to service(at)

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