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Simple. Attractive.
The new HTML5 web application by AEB

Your solution in a new look & feel

What’s-New-Video about the HTML5-based web interface

In this video, you will learn more about the HTML5-based web interface of the AEB applications. You will receive information about the redesigned Desktop, the new Office as well as the distinction of messages and user tips. In addition, some new comfort features will be presented. Watch video now.


The new, old login screen

Works as before, but looks better. Enter client, user, and password – get started.


Colors reduced, shadows removed – flatter, simpler, clearer

The new interface has a modern, flat design. We have deliberately made every effort to preserve the established usability paradigms and processes. We are using a new font and some new, graphically reduced icons. The colors have been reduced as to not distract you from what is important. Overall, the interface is lighter than before with more white space between individual elements.


The desktop – how would you like it?

Your well-known widgets are now truly tiles. You can arrange these tiles on the desktop in any way you like. We have dissolved the ASSISTant pane on the desktop and moved the content to the tiles themselves. Above all, this applies to AEB News.

Besides the list of favorites in the existing widget, favorites can now also be saved on the desktop as small tiles. The same applies to links to applications from the office, even if they were not saved as a favorite up to now.

You can always reach the desktop by clicking on the Home symbol.


The office – space room for the application

When you click on the button at the upper left, the office now expands over the left part of the desktop. This leaves more space for the applications, the established layout remains the same. The office now also includes a search function for applications.


Searching and overviews – more space for the essential

The filter area is automatically hidden during search to make more space for the search results. But only, if you opt for it.

Overviews and open transactions can be undocked into separate browser tabs and docked back at any time.


Open transactions – get it right from the beginning

First things first: The OK button is now called Save & close and can be found at the lower right.

A convenient field validation supports you in entering the right value in the right field. When you exit an ASSISTant-supported field, you do not need to refresh anymore. The application refreshes by itself.


Notifications – always up-to-date

The notifications feature now informs you in open transactions when you have overlooked something important. We try to disturb you as rarely as possible and will make a clear distinction between relevant messages and user tips in the future.


New AEB brand identity now also visible in the software

The new AEB brand identity and product portfolio unveiled in March 2018 are now also reflected in the software.

Since the world of logistics keeps turning and the software market keeps evolving, AEB is evolving, too. Therefore, some things are changing, but not all. And certainly not those representing our reliability.

It will still take a while until we have finished changing the names in all software products and the associated product documentation. Therefore, for a transition period, you will find the new product names where we've already made the transition and the old ones where we've not quite made the switch yet. If you wish to read more about it, please click here.


Five reasons for the new interface

Any questions?

What will the migration process to the new interface be like?

It’s quite simple. When you log in, the AEB software will offer you an additional URL which can be opened by clicking on a special button. As soon as you select this URL as a user, you will switch to the new interface. You can switch between the interfaces during trial operation for several weeks. The new interface is also a production environment you can work in. As from an effective date that will be previously announced, you will work exclusively in the new interface.

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