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Sunday, 10. December 2017

Change of the e-mail sender address used in ASSIST4 Origin & Preferences as of the end of March 2018

On March 31, 2018, AEB will change the distribution of e-mails for ASSIST4 Origin & Preferences from the AEB data center. This change will affect the sender address used for e-mails sent from ASSIST4 Origin & Preferences. This change has become necessary to be able to comply with future security and spam prevention standards.

What are the reasons for the change?

Sending e-mails in the name of your company – with a sender address of your company, e.g. – via an AEB server (with a URL of the * format) no longer meets the standards of the latest security and spam prevention regulations on the Internet as the domain of the sender address does not correspond to the mailing server. It cannot be ruled out that receiving devices will notice this and will put the AEB server on a black list.


This action would make sending e-mails via this server impossible which would lead to the situation that e-mails sent via this server could no longer be received. This would affect all customers using this server. Therefore, AEB has decided to exclude this potential malfunction proactively.


We hope you will understand that we do not want to take the unnecessary risk of such a malfunction. The change in mailing from ASSIST4 Origin & Preferences on March 31, 2018 will be made with your best interest in mind.



What do you need to know for the change?

The change will be made automatically by AEB on the above date. If you do not wish to use an individual e-mail address, you do not need to do anything. After March 31, 2018, all e-mails generated by the system will be automatically sent with the address <>.



Which options are there to continue sending e-mails with an individual e-mail address?

If you wish to continue sending system-generated e-mails via your domain, there are three options:

  • Releasing the mail server
  • Establishing a VPN tunnel
  • Authorization in the DNS


Learn more about the three options and request the implementation of your choice immediately. This ensures that you will still be sending e-mails from your own e-mail address after March 31, 2018.


>> Click here to be forwarded to the Overview of options


Please note: Costs may incur for this service.

Thursday, 14. March 2019

End of maintenance for transport service provider modules with ASSIST4 Dispatch on March 31, 2022

AEB will discontinue maintenance and support for the transport service provider modules of ASSIST4 Dispatch on March 31, 2022. AEB recommends to check whether a Bartender release change is still necessary and asks that you schedule the migration to the follow-up solution Carrier Connect. Read more.

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Wednesday, 13. March 2019

ATLAS Einfuhr Releasewechsel auf Version 8.9

Ab dem 14.07.2019 müssen gemäß Vorgabe des Zoll die Systeme auf die neue Version 8.9 umgestellt sein.

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