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Application base services


Installation Support: Server Components

AEB installs all your server components from operating system to virus scanner and optimizes their interaction.

Our experts assist you in making your system environment as secure and stable as possible. Additionally they share knowledge with your IT. This means a reduced workload for your own IT.

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Installation Support: Peripheral Devices

Application Base Services, Applikations-Basisdienste

AEB installs your peripheral devices such as printers, scales or scanners and optimizes their interaction with AEB applications.

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Application Base Services

AEB transmits the source code of your software, including all customizations made for you, to a certified escrow business. In addition to secure data storage, AEB’s escrow service includes verification by the custodian that the source code is fully functional, since source code has no value unless it can be read and executed. The process of creating the source code copy can be audited upon request.The service includes two updates per year, each with a standard initial check.

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